1000 Facebook ‘likes’ lands Algerian man in jail for dangling baby from window

A stunt for 1000 Facebook “likes” has landed an Algerian man in jail. He was found guilty of endangering the safety of a baby boy.

An Algiers court sentenced the unnamed man to two two-years in prison after he posted photos of himself clutching the boy’s shirt from behind with the threat of dropping the boy.

The shots are said to have been taken from the 15th floor of an apartment block. The accompanying caption to the photo read, “1,000 likes or I will drop him.”

The photos shows other apartment blocks on the other side of his and a series of cars parked below. The baby is at one time looking in the direction of his dad and at another time looking downwards.

The Al Arabiyya news portal reports that his post sparked a social media outrage that called for his arrest, he was picked up last Sunday and arraigned before court.

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