E-works Technologies launches travellers, exporters’ platform

A NEW technology company, E-works Technologies, has launched a platform meant to address some of the challenges faced by travellers, importers and exporters across Zimbabwe’s border posts.


In a statement yesterday, E-works Technologies said the platform called the Zimborderguide, comprises of a website, mobile application, marketplace, guidebook and magazine.

“The platform aims to address these challenges by providing travellers, importers and exporters with up-to-date border related news, advice, information and resources on customs, immigrations and cross border travel,” the statement read.

The company said the platform was brought about by the realisation that a lot of people interacting with Zimbabwe’s borders face challenges in getting all the information and resources necessary for a hassle-free border experience all in one place.

The Zimborderguide, therefore, aims to be a one-stop-shop providing all the customs, immigration and border crossing resources and requirements that anyone will ever need when dealing with Zimbabwean border posts.

“The platform provides tips and advice on both customs and immigration, tips on how to save time and reduce costs — whether travelling, importing or exporting across Zimbabwean borders — and up-to-date news of what is happening at the border that could affect any business and time spent there.”

The Zimborderguide mobile app features an import duty calculator that uses the latest tariff rates from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) integrated customs tariff.

“This helps people to make better and informed financial decisions when planning to import vehicles or other goods from across the border.”

E-works also published a comprehensive Zimbabwean travel, import and export guidebook titled The Zimborderguide available in both electronic and print versions.

The company said the Zimborderguide actively supports Zimra’s anti-smuggling and anti-corruption initiatives by displaying and promoting anti-corruption, anti-smuggling and informative articles from the authority through its innovative and high traffic online and offline platform.

Tax consultants and clearing agents also stand to benefit immensely from the platform, it reads.

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