Mai Titi offers tips to spice up the bedroom

COMEDIAN Fellistas “Mai Titi” Muruta yesterday said she had attracted severe criticism from people after the leaking of a one-minute 26-second video clip in which she is seen offering “sex tutorials” to women on how to spice up their sex lives at a private event.


In the video, Mai Titi, dressed in corresponding white and black shorts and top, is seen demonstrating seductive bedroom moves and positions meant to give one’s sex life a boost on another woman seated on a chair while other female mentees watch.

Mai Titi told NewsDay Weekender yesterday that she was saddened by such behaviour from a confidante who leaked the video.

“It appears I have invited trouble upon myself as I am facing denigration for the love of trying to help and save my sisters’ marriages after I accepted the invitation to share some bedroom secrets with them. Sadly, someone decided to leak the private, bedroom-only material to the public for reasons better known to herself,” said the comedian, who has been offering sex lessons since 2008.

She said she did not understand why a fellow woman, who was meant to benefit from the treasure trove of her lessons on intimacy, would betray her trust in such cruel fashion.

“It is unfortunate when a fellow woman takes pride in exposing their own private bedroom material, that is of help to them in their marriages, to the public. We only do this as a way of trying to help each other with teachings to protect our marriages,” she said.

The 30-year-old self-taught comedian said after the leaking of the video, her mobile phone had been jam-packed with messages from men requesting “practicals” as they mistook her for a sex pet.

She threatened to name and shame the men if they continued pestering her for sex.

“When I am teaching my fellow women, that does not mean I am a prostitute or that I am advertising for sex. Men are now calling me and sending me messages offering huge sums of money for sex. I am not that desperate, I will expose them if they continue to trouble me,” she said.

Without disclosing figures, Mai Titi said she was recording brisk business, as a lot of women were engaging her services to be taught about the “bedroom lessons” at kitchen parties and other women’s social gatherings.

Some of the people who aired their views on the matter said Mai Titi was just a typical woman next door, offering teachings that are essential in any woman’s life particularly those in marriages.

Mai Titi has proved to be popular and has become a star overnight through her humorous skits trending on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube.

In her skits, which have seen her becoming a household name, Mai Titi speaks mostly about serious issues that people —largely women — have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.Newsday

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