‘Nyau’s cultural values intact’

THE organiser of the Gule Wamkulu Season Shutdown concert Notice Tineyi Mazura — popularly known as Boss Bingu — has dismissed claims that Nyau/Gule cultural norms and values have been eroded by the love for money, as they were now engaging in public commercial competitions.


Nyau/Gule culture is said to be a secret society of the Chewa people, who observe it as a way of commemorating ancestral events.

Mazura told NewsDay ahead of a Nyau/Gule cultural gathering concert dubbed Gule Wamkulu Season Shutdown set for Sunday at 27 Dendera Close in Mufakose, that, while in his native Malawi, Gule activities were reserved for special cultural events, in Zimbabwe it was regarded as a form of entertainment, but that did not signify that it was no longer cultural.

“These are only misconceptions by people without knowledge of the real cultural norms and values of Nyau,” he said.

“The fact that we have joined the developments in Zimbabwe in line with the law to also take our Nyau/Gule culture as a form of entertainment does not necessarily mean we have totally abandoned its associated cultural values. We still conduct ourselves in a manner that preserves our culture just like other African cultures.”

Mazura, however, admitted that Nyau had evolved as some people were now doing it as clubs unlike in Zambia and Malawi.

“The issue of leadership arguments has also enhanced the modernisation of Nyau/Gule, leading to splinter groups, with some of them not adhering to the actual Nyau/Gule cultural norms and values,” he said.

Mazura urged people to come in their numbers on Sunday, as several Nyau dance groups, among them Malamuro (Mutengo WaMbarame), Mpingu WaAaron (Yelo Yelo) and Kumvana Chimtali from Mufakose will take turns to entertain people alongside Chewa Nyau Club of Highfield and Tagwirizana Nyau Club of Mbare.

“Gule Wamkulu Season Shutdown concert is a cultural gathering open to anyone who enjoys seeing Nyau/Gule performing, while those who want to have an understanding of our culture are also welcome because our elders will be speaking at length,” he said.

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