Winky D explains fallout with Oskid

By Bongani Ndlovu

Winky D’s much anticipated 12-track album Gafa Futi — Chi Extraterrestrial is out and boy what a scorcher! Gafa, as Winky D is known, on Thursday night launched his much anticipated album during the Zi Judgment Yard programme on ZiFM Stereo.

The album starts off with party tracks 25, Nhamo, Baby Ramwari, Happy Man and Gafa Party which seem to have been received well by listeners.

Social commentary is part of Winky D’s repertoire and tracks such as Daddy and Panorwadza Moyo which he did with music icon Oliver Mtukudzi attest to that.

Other songs on the album include Bob Marley funeral and Ndoenda Mberi.

In the new offering, Winky D offers the same energy, verve, zest and word play from last year’s belter Gafa, but this time, at a celestial level. According to some fans, the album is evidence that Winky D is still on top of his game.

Super producer Oskid has the Midas touch to churn good music and the album has signalled the beginning of summer.

But the release of the album came amid controversy after Oskid alleged in the Sunday Mail last week that Winky D and his team had removed his signature tags on tracks from the album, an action which represents the reversal of a prior arrangement between him and Winky D.

And the signature tags from the album have been removed if they were ever there, with only two songs having Winky D chanting out Oskid’s name as an acknowledgment to him for producing the beats.

Before he delved into explaining what his album was all about, Gafa sought to clear the air surrounding the controversy over the allegations by Oskid.

“Before we started working with each other, people agreed on terms of how we’d work together. A contract was drafted and both parties looked at the contract – my team and Oskid’s.

“After going through the contract, both parties signed it and we started working. When the work was done, we just followed whatever we’d agreed on,” said Winky D.

He said if Oskid felt aggrieved, he should take legal action and get justice instead of seeking public sympathy from a public court.

“Now I’m hearing that Gafa breached the contract and Gafa is being a bully and greedy. But whatever is happening is what we agreed on. To my surprise, they’re now saying we ran to the newspapers, we ran to the radio, social media etc. I think if you’re saying a person breached the contract, you should take legal action, that’s where justice is served,” said Winky D.

“We don’t know the motive right now. Is it a motive of somebody who wants to seek justice, public attention or public sympathy? Personally I say if I breached any contract then legal action is supposed to take its course.”

Turning to the album, Winky D said it was one that would stand the test of time, describing it as classic.

“People might not understand Gafa Futi Extraterrestrial today, but their children, their children’s children and generations to come will understand what this whole thing means. However, there’re some who are catching on,” said Winky D.

“For those who don’t understand the album, there’s a QR code they can scan and this will take them straight to the explanation of the album.”

Explaining how he came up with the album and its title, Winky D said creating it was beyond human imagination or comprehension.

“Last year around this time, people were in a Gafa mood and I felt that this time, people want to be in a Gafa mood, that’s why I called it Gafa Futi. The majority might not understand things now, but they’re grandchildren will.

“Like what happened to Isaac Newton and Galileo, those people had formulas that they were applying at that time. The ordinary people didn’t understand them,” said Winky D.

Questioned by fans why there was only one collaboration on the album, Winky D said there were no suitable candidates to do a collabo with other than Tuku.

“I don’t get into studio with just anyone. First we meditate so that I can find out if the artiste is the right person to work with.

We put a lot also into consideration in selecting who we collaborate with. It’s not that we’re selective, but we want to produce hit tracks not flops,” said Winky D.

“Continentally, there’re some collabos that are in the pipeline. When we’ve completed them we shall let people know.”

On the release of music videos, Winky D said he would first do one for his runaway track Disappear which he owed fans.

“Disappear was a crazy track and fans have been demanding that I do a video for it. So I’ll do a video for Disappear before I work on videos for the album I’ve just released. I know I owe people that and I’ll do one,” said Winky D. Sunday News

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