ZHRO Wednesday Vigil

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) Virgil this week took a somber moment to remember a fearless cadre and member who passed away recently. The ZHRO family paid their respects and were consoled by the word of God from various speakers.

“Dear Lord, the death of our sister recalls our human condition and the brevity of our lives on earth. But for those of us who believe in your love, death is not the end, nor will it destroy the bond that you have forged in our lives as we continue to fight this evil regime”

ZHRO members

The political problems that animate the founding of the Wednesday Vigil still persist in Zimbabwe. The vigil continued with its strong uncompromising message “Mugabe must go” which is found in the new catchy “National anthem”

Political Violence perpetrated by suspected ZANU PF youths has again erupted in Chitungwiza. According to VOA, a family was nearly killed by an explosion in which one female member of the family was badly injured.

The decision at the conclusions of the Vigil was to allow the family to take lead whilst ZHRO members raise money to assist with the funeral.

Thanks to Sarah who assumed the responsibility of providing the Vigil’s official banners which present ZHRO’s message and to Chipo for providing the much needed umbrellas.

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